Nathan Rhodes Media

Riverview School  District

School district located 30 miles east of Seattle serving 3,250 students




The Riverview way

The Riverview Way is an onboarding document used in the Riverview School District to go over their mission, vision, and strategic goals. Nathan Rhodes Media gave the entire document a facelift with a new layout, modern graphics, easy-to-read fonts, and photos of students from various school in the district.


January 2018 mailer

The Riverview School District ran three levies in 2018. the four-year replacement education programs and opperations levy, the four-year replacement technology and capital projects levy and the two-year transportation vehicle fund levy. Nathan Rhodes Media played a critical role in passing all three levies by meeting tight deadlines and working closely with the RSD Communications Coordinator to ensure content continuity.

2018 Special Election Results Courtesy of

Prop. 1

Prop. 2

Prop. 3